Pictured Above: Greg O’ Gallagher – Founder of Kinobody

Are you ready to get shredded and feel amazing?

Tired of scrolling through lies and BS from the fitness industry? I was in the same position.

What if you could follow a simple formula to get lean and achieve the physique of your dreams? What if the instructions to attaining your dream body were already laid out for you and all you had to do was take action 3 days a week for 2 years?

If you’re interested, I recommend you start at the first blog post and then keep following the links from there:

How to use this website

This website is intended as a guide and is by no way the bible of bodybuilding or fitness. All you need are the 5 first articles in the blog section to show you a basic understanding on how to achieve the low body fat “hollywood actor” physique. All the technical things (such as how to do a proper chin-up, etc.) won’t be explained in these articles but there are tons of articles on the internet explaining proper gym performance. Hopefully this website can guide you in the right direction and give you what you are looking for.

1 – Introduction
2 – Setting Goals and how to achieve low body fat
3 – Cutting & Bulking
4 – Actual Gym Routine and applying everything you learned above
5 – Macronutrients and Protein Intake


More about this website

My goal here is to pass on information that has helped me grow on all levels, not only in the gym. I strive to summarize what I have learned both from the people who have been studying this stuff for years and from my own first hand experience.

I also aim to be direct and straight to the point in writing these articles to help people get results so they don’t have to be sifting through garbage all day long, not knowing what’s true and what’s not. There is a lot of misinformation in the fitness industry and bodybuilding industry.

My only goal is to inspire and pass on the information that has worked for me. I am in NO way a fitness or bodybuilding expert. I wish you the best and hope you learn something new from this blog!

This blog is aimed at achieving what many call the “hollywood actor physique”. If you are looking to be a bodybuilder and gain tons of muscle, check out other sites like bodybuilding.com.